Ofsted Report 2018

As with all registered childcare centres we have to undergo regular inspections by Ofsted. We are proud of our achievements and have copied the report here for you to read.

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Phoenix Childcare
21 Carlton Road, TORQUAY, TQ1 1NA
Inspection date Previous inspection date

The quality and standards of the early years provision

This inspection: 1 - Outstanding
Previous inspection: 2 - Good

Effectiveness of the leadership and management 1

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment 1

Personal development, behaviour and welfare 1

Outcomes for children 1

Summary of key findings for parents

This provision is outstanding

  • The manager is highly passionate about her role and continually strives to offer children the very best start in life. She regularly seeks the views of children, parents and staff, and uses this information very effectively to drive ongoing improvements.
  • There is a sharp focus on helping children to acquire strong communication and language skills. For example, staff expertly use sign language during routines and alongside songs to provide excellent support for children's speech development.
  • Staff get to know the children and their families very closely. They place a high priority on meeting their individual needs and children make excellent progress from their starting points.
  • The manager and staff establish highly effective partnerships with local schools, which supports children to move on to their future education with great confidence and self-assurance.
  • Staff place children's emotional and physical well-being at the heart of all they do. They provide children with a superb range of nourishing, nutritious meals. Children are involved in food preparation and learn how to make healthy choices.
  • The manager and staff work in excellent partnership with parents to strengthen and extend children's learning. For example, staff expertly involve parents in observing their children's play, to identify and support their individual learning styles at home.

What the setting needs to do to improve further

  • Continue to enhance the individual strengths of each member of staff to develop their confidence and skills even further and share exemplary practice throughout the nursery.

Inspection activities

  • The inspector observed the quality of teaching during activities and assessed the impact this has on children's learning.
  • The inspector carried out a joint observation with the manager.
  • The inspector held a meeting with the manager and reviewed evidence of the suitability of staff working in the nursery.
  • The inspector looked at a range of documentation, including the nursery safeguarding procedures, and children's observation and assessment records.
  • The inspector spoke to children, parents and staff during the inspection and took account of their views.

Inspection findings

Effectiveness of the leadership and management is outstanding

Safeguarding is effective. The manager and staff are extremely vigilant and very clear about the signs that might lead to a concern about a child's welfare. They have an excellent understanding of how to keep children safe from harm. The manager monitors children's development meticulously. All children, including those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities, make rapid progress in their learning. Excellent early intervention and use of funding help to close gaps in children's learning very quickly. There are highly effective arrangements for the recruitment and supervision of staff and the manager displays a strong commitment to enhancing their knowledge and skills. However, she has identified the need to build on the individual strengths of staff members, to share their expertise and enhance their confidence and skills even further.

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding

Staff are highly aware of how and where children prefer to learn, and they provide a wide range of equipment and resources inside and outdoors. They expertly plan activities in direct response to children's interests. For example, they skilfully adapt activities to inspire younger children to explore and investigate creative activities. Children become highly motivated and engrossed in their mark making to develop their early literacy skills extremely well. Staff engage children in activities very skilfully and extend their skills superbly. For example, children are very excited to learn new skills such as playing musical instruments. The high-quality teaching skills of staff enable children to become successful and confident learners. Their learning is greatly enhanced as staff support them to cooperate to perform together with enormous enjoyment and creativity.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare are outstanding

Children develop an extremely secure sense of belonging and gain excellent social skills. For example, staff create a warm and nurturing family atmosphere at mealtimes, where children show great pride in having the responsibility of helping themselves and others. Staff are superb role models and skilfully encourage interaction and conversation that help children to make very secure friendships. Staff expertly promote equality and diversity throughout the nursery. For example, they encourage children to vote for their preferred activities, to involve them in the process of planning and making decisions. Children benefit enormously from a wide range of outings that promotes their physical development extremely well and enhances their understanding of the natural world.

Outcomes for children are outstanding

Children gain excellent skills in preparation for future learning and starting school. They listen intently to stories and share their views and ideas extremely well. Older children make insightful comments and show a deep awareness of the characters in books and reflect on their feelings. Younger children talk eagerly about their own experiences. Children are extremely enthusiastic and independent learners. They thoroughly enjoy leading their play and maintain their interest in activities for sustained periods.

Setting Details

Unique reference number EY397582
Local authority Torbay
Inspection number 1068960
Type of provision Full-time provision
Registration category Childcare - Non-Domestic
Age range of children 2 - 8
Total number of places 55
Number of children on roll 55
Name of provider Mary Dawn Browne
Registered person unique reference number RP514465
Date of previous inspection 04/03/2014
Telephone number 01803 290030

Phoenix Childcare registered in 2009 and is privately owned. It is open each weekday from 7.30am to 6pm all year round, except for one week at Christmas and bank holidays. There are 12 members of staff, 11 of whom hold relevant childcare qualifications at level 3 and above and one holds a level 2 qualification. The nursery receives funding to provide free early education for children aged two, three and four years.

This inspection was carried out by Ofsted under sections 49 and 50 of the Childcare Act 2006 on the quality and standards of provision that is registered on the Early Years Register. The registered person must ensure that this provision complies with the statutory framework for children’s learning, development and care, known as the early years foundation stage.

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